Best Computer Short Courses

Computer short course is one thing that very important in this modern world. Everyone needs computer skills in their everyday life. If you have no computer skills, you will fall behind from the others. At the very least you should have more than one computer skill. You can choose the following computer courses to improve your skills.

Microsoft Office Short Course

It is very easy to find a Microsoft office course around you. This course includes some skills in the Microsoft Office program. You will learn about Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Publisher. This will be increasingly needed in an increasingly advanced era of technological development.

You will get a lot of skills in these courses. There are data recording (input and output data process), making reports, scheduling, making correspondence, meeting agendas, minutes, drafting something, inputting values, presenting material in the form of presentations, checking, editing, tidying up the manuscript, and much more skills you had got.

Fortunately, you can get a lot of jobs with these skills. You can be administrative staff, accountant, secretaries, teachers, typing services, librarians, writers, customer service, and many more with Microsoft Office required skills. You will get an average of USD 3500 until USD 5000 in a month with that job. This paid can be lower or higher depends on where you are.

Bookkeeping Short Course

A bookkeeping course is a popular course to get some job. If you join this course, you will learn about intercompany & allocations, insightful reports, maintain vendor list and data, enter all bills and payables, prepare checks or schedule electronic transfers, review and record invoices, prepare accounts receivable aging, deliver customer statements and notices, set up inventory, financial planning & analysis, and many more.

With this course, you will get the skill of record-to-report activities using the newest technology. You can be a bookkeeper or an accountant with these skills. A lot of companies need bookkeeping skills for their company growth. The bookkeeper will help the company to automate a rules-based activity, reducing production activities, freeing resources for more analytics, and decision support activities. This work will be increasingly needed in every company.

The bookkeeper will give customers the expertise and resources to use financial knowledge to their benefit. It because Bookkeeping is delivering, a professional team, precise data entry, and on-time reporting and submissions. You will get USD 2500 until USD 3500 monthly as a bookkeeper.

Cyber Security Short Course

The rise of hackers makes cyber security courses increasingly sought after for the security of each company’s data. If you join this course you will learn about main topics in cyber security, common sources of cyber security events, protecting from cyber security threats, data protection and privacy, basic knowledge of cyber risk management, cryptography, business continuity planning, and disaster recovery.

With this course you will have the ability to provide adequate data security for the company. These security skills are so needed now. As cyber security, you will get USD 100000 until USD 150000 in peer years. This paid can be higher every time because the job as cyber security will increasingly be needed given the advancement of existing technology.

Mobile and Web Development Short Course

A mobile and web development course is a popular course at this time. If you join this course, you will learn about build websites and mobile apps using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, MySQL, and more. You will get some skills to build websites and web apps and build HTML-based mobile apps.

These skills are very useful to get a job as a junior web developer, websites freelancer, online business, front-end developer, databases, and server-side languages. To be a web developer, you should have some skills to make sure a web work, setting up hosting, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, CMSs and WordPress, Responsive Design, PHP Coding, MySQL Databases, and many more.

Job as a web developer has bright prospects. That is because there is a growing number of technologies that require people with this expertise. You will be paid USD 70000 until USD 140000 for a year in this job. This number can be higher or lower according to the level of difficulty of the work you complete.

Graphic Design and Web Design Short Course

To have design skills, you should join the Graphic Design and Web Design course. You will learn about how to create a logo, web design, professional graphics with illustrator app and create living from it, and many more.

The lesson of the course will let you have a graphic design and web design skills. You will get professional level design skills, understand to create a logo, icons, website design, business cards, making websites, and more. With these skills, you will be a web and graphic designer. This job needs a professional level design skills.

You will be glad about this job because a lot of freelance design job with a worth salary is waiting for you. The paid-for graphics and web designer is USD 17000 until USD 70000 annually. It is can be lower or higher. This job has a big chance for everyone. It because technology always develops anytime.

Animation and VFX Short Course

Animation and VFX is a technique used in the film, television, and animation industries that includes certain manipulation processes outside the original shooting scene. In the Animation and VFX course, you will learn about the master’s after-effects.

The skills that you get in this course are basic animation, applying effect & creating keyframes, applying a preset, text animation tools, motion path, motion graphic element and graphic videos, 3D, cameras, rendering graphics, and more. With these skills, you can be a video editor, motion graphics artists and designers, videographers, filmmakers, or storytellers.

Everyone who has an animation and VFX skills is looked for at this time. If you have a job as a video editor, motion graphics artists and designers, videographers, filmmakers, or storytellers, you will get USD 70 until USD 70000 per project. It is can be higher according to the difficulty levels.

Hardware and Networking Short Course

In this modern era, hardware and networking skills are looking for so much. That’s why a lot of hardware and networking course is available now. If you join this course, you will learn about installing, configuring, managing, troubleshooting, fundamentals of Linux Operating systems, protocols and internetworking standards, and more.

You will get the skills of installing, configuring, and troubleshooting the operating system in this course. With the hardware and networking skills, you can get a job as a PC Hardware Maintenance, Customer Support, Networking Support, and Datacenter support. It is will make you have IT professional skills.

This job is very reliable for this era and the next era. Why? Because technology is more develop every time. You will get USD 50000 until USD 80000 in years. This salary can be higher for your job.

Software Development Short Course

The software developer is one of the top high paid jobs. Because of that, a lot of people start to join the software development course. In this course, you will learn about software development from a leading expert. This lesson will let you have a professional software skill.

Some skills will you get through this course. There are skills of Javascript, HTML, Agile, Waterfall, Kanban, and SCRUM, code through hands-on Python examples, software engineer, UML diagrams, create class and sequence diagrams to describe software systems, and more. You can be a software developer with those skills.

A software developer will be paid USD 70000 until USD 90000 annually. It is can be lower or higher. This job always useful for improve the business. So, you can survive with upgrade your skills in this job for the next era.

Programming Short Course

Programming is one of the most wanted jobs in this era. This job is very reliable with higher development technology anytime. So, don’t be surprised if this job will always be needed at all times. You will get USD 90000 until USD 120000 years that can be lower or higher according to the project.

Programming skills are so needed for this job. You should join the programming course if you want to be a professional programmer. In the programming course, you will learn about database development, blogging and podcasting, SQL, visual basic, PHP and MySQL, Python programming, Java programming, C programming, intermediate visual basic, creating mobile apps with HTML, and more.

It is a programming skill that you must have. That programming course will give you professional skills for your job. Not only one skill, but you should also have a lot of programming skills if you want to be a programmer.

Data Science and Management Short Course

Work in the data science and management position will give you a worth salary. You will get USD 95000 or higher from this job. This job is very trendy nowadays. In the future, this work will never be timeless because the times are growing.

If you want to have a data science and management job, you have to learn about the principle of data science and management, data science processes, impact, and functions, modern applications of data science and management, building a data science and management team, measuring the success of data science projects, knowledge to make informed decisions regarding data science, and more.

Some skills that you get in this course are the ability to establish a team capable of delivering results through data science projects, understanding of how complex data grow and scale an organization, Data Science Project Management through CRISP-DM industry-standard data mining methodology, and the skills to tackle the challenges associated with leading a data science project.

These skills are so suitable for Project or Program Managers, Business Analysts or Domain Specialists/Business, and Data Science team members (developers/technologists/data analysts). You will get this position with those skills.

Cloud Computing Short Course

The Cloud Computing courses offers some lesson of cloud architecture, services, hosting, and more. You will be learning about how some programs related to Cloud computing, identify each of the managed services and explain the differences between them, know the differences between Cloud models, identify available Cloud Service Platforms and choose which works best for your needs.

In other words, you will have how to properly leverage the Cloud skills in this course. If you join this course, you will get some skills of Google cloud, AWS fundamentals, Azure, APIs, Phyton, and many more. You can get a job as a cloud engineer with those skills.

As a cloud engineer, you will get USD 100000 years. It is can be higher or lower according to your job levels. This job always needed in the business world because different deployment models of Cloud computing, as well as several hosting scenarios will be changes every time.

Digital Marketing and SEO Short Course

Digital Marketing and SEO courses you can try because the role of this field is needed today. Jobs in the world of digital marketing and SEO will continue to grow in the future. So, you need expertise in digital marketing and SEO if you want a job in this field.

You will get paid between USD 500000 until USD 100000 for a year if get a job as a digital marketing and SEO specialization. It is can be higher or lower according to your level. You can be an advanced level by following the Digital Marketing and SEO course.

If you join this course, you will learn about digital marketing analytics, search engine optimization, social media marketing, 3D Printing, and many more. This lesson will give you some skills. There is a digital marketing landscape and acquire a new set of stories, concepts, and tools to digitally create, distribute, promote, and price products and services, and more skills. Every skill is needed in your job.

With the following some courses, every skill you get will help you to improve your levels in your work. It is very easy and interesting to upgrade your income with some computer courses.

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