Best Korean Language Programs

Not all Korean language programs can help you improve your Korean language skills. You have to be selective. Which one would be the best Korean language program for you? Here is some of our recommendations:

Konkuk University Korean Language Program

Konkuk University Korean language program is one of the best places to learn Korean. Konkuk University is one of the universities with the largest campus in Korea. It is located in the northeastern of Seoul. This place is the next to the Han River and closes to the Children’s Grand Park.

You can learn the Korean language at their Korean Language Institute.

woman wearing Korean traditional dress

If you completed level 4 or higher in Regular course, and satisfy all the requirements of the undergraduate program at Konkuk University, you will get a guaranteed admission.

If you are not looking to continue to study undergraduate at their university, you can still take their regular course. One semester is around three months. Normally the study visa requires at least 2 semesters of study. It would depend on your nationality.

They also offer summer and winter courses sometimes.

This program will increase your communication skills through real-life-related task activities easily. Join in this class is the best choice to improve your Korean language skill.

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Yonsei Korean Language Program

Yonsei University is one of the best and oldest universities in South Korea. It is well recognized around the world. Even Angelina Jolie’s son, Maddox, is studying at this university.

In addition to its quality, many students choose to study at Yonsei because the university is located in the heart of Seoul. This area is very famous because of its nightlife and the other interesting such as coffee shops, bars, restaurants, or shopping places. This place is very great for everyone who wants to enjoy the time in Korea as much as their study because it is the epicenter of youth culture city.

Yonsei has a few campuses: Main Campus-Sinchon, International Campus-Songdo, and Mirae Campus.

Dankook University Korean Language Program

Dankook University Korean Language Program is one of the best Korean language programs. This university has two main places as their campus, there are in Jukjeon and Cheonan. You must be turned in Dankook Korean language program if you want to improve your Korean skill or you want to study at Dankook University as a foreign student. Every foreign student must join this language program before they join a regular class at university.

This course is very recommended for you, especially for your daily lives in Korea. Dankook Korean language course offers some sections for you. What are they? They are conversation, reading, and writing. There are some levels for your learning. Any introductory, elementary, intermediate, and advanced. The Introductory classes are at the lowest level here. Then, advanced classes are at the highest level here.

Dankook University is very famous as an idol university. It is because of a lot of idols or Korean celebrity studies here. You can join this course for improving your Korean skills and know your idol more. Do you have no Korean skills at all? It’s okay. Because there is no level language test required before registration in here. You can choose the courses based on your judgment on every level. It is interesting, isn’t it? Your Korean will be increasing with their enjoy method.

Kookmin University Korean Language Program

Kookmin University Korean Language Program is one of the very enjoyable language courses that you can try. Kookmin University is located in Seongbuk-Gu, Seoul. This location is very easy to catch. Here, you will very great to join a university with 1.800 students from more than 15 countries place.

This course is very popular because has many students’ output through great systematic and dynamic educational courses method. Kookmin University course also has effective teaching methods from exceptional faculty members. It will make the best courses facilitated by easy understanding.

Kookmin University Korean Language program offers regular and short-term courses. The regular course is made to improve the intensive instruction for students. This course consists of speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills.

If you join this regular course, you will spend a 10-week course for four hours each day in five times a week. There are six levels in this course. There are beginning, intermediate, and advanced that each consist of two levels. So, there are six levels total in four semesters.

If you join the short-term course, you will study in three weeks during summer. It is made to teach students Korean intensively. In this short-term course, they will expose the Korean culture in a short period of time. It is not about study only, but the three-week course will very be enjoyed with cultural experiences too.

Join at the Kookmin University Korean Language program is very pleased for everyone. Here, you will be glad because get the best learning method exactly. This Kookmin language program has precious value for your life.

Cheju Halla University Korean Language Program

Cheju Halla University Korean Language Program is one of the right Korean courses. This university is located in beautiful Jeju Island. Jeju Island is a popular place in Korea. This island is very famous for its good nature. You will enjoy their culture of nature if take this course there.

For join the Korean language course here, you have to prepare for tuition, dormitory, dormitory deposit, application, enrollment, and insurance. This class will offer a great experience for you. You will learn the Korean language with their culture too. You can join this course if you are interested in this place.

Cheju Halla University Korean language program will give you a different experience. You can learn the Korean culture in Jeju island everyday. This place is very beautiful and very fresh. Just breathe and you will be happy here.

Join this course is very easy. There is no special requirement test needed to join this Cheju Hala Korean language program. It will very a pleasure to spend some learning in this course.

Ajou University Korean Language Program

Ajou University Korean Language Program is the right place to improve your Korean language skill too. These courses will lead you to get a great result. Ajou University is located in Suwon, Seoul. You can reach this place easily.

Ajou University Korean language program have the best offers for you. You can choose the Ajou Foundation Program (AFP) for your Korean language skills. This program is the best way to enter Ajou University. This program is prepared for students to enter into the university regular class. You can join in the best major at Ajou University after you finished the improvement language in this program.

AFP program offers an intensive learning program. It is the combination of the Korean language and basic subjects such as English, Math, etc. This is providing students to succeed academically. Every stage in AFP can be reached in three credits system.

If you had the completion of this program, you can be transferred to the university degree program. During this course, you will get a clean and inexpensive dormitory. You will get the best experience with a lot of university students and inclusively participate in university events. It is very interesting for spend your time.

Moreover, you will enjoy full support from the university. You can have a wide range of social and cultural programs. It consists of buddy programs, field trips, and sports. You will be glad to join in this course. Every language and culture of Korea will accompany you. You can try to enjoy the study in this Ajou language course for your pleasure. You will get the best experience for the Korean language and their amazing culture.

Apart from these courses, you can take Korean courses online too. This online course is very useful for those who don’t want to bother going far abroad. You can take these courses from home with proof of training certificates too. It is interesting, isn’t it? You can decide to take a Korean language course at a university or in an online course. Every course has a different advantage. Whatever your choice, always choose the best for you.