Best Place to Learn Japanese

Learning Japanese is not easy. You would need to choose carefully where you study. But where is the best place to learn Japanese? These are the places we recommend:

Genki Japanese and Culture School (GenkiJACS)

Genki Japanese and Culture School is located in Japan, with three options of campuses: Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Kyoto. They offer various programs to improve your language skills and learn about Japanese culture.

At Genki course, you can’t study about Japan language using a textbook only. You must feel it, use it, and live with it. So don’t be surprised if here you will learn about how to live in Japan. You will not focus just on grammar, but you will communicate with real Japanese people too. This is very amazing because you can learn about Japanese traditional culture and Japanese pop culture with this course.

consists of some programs. There are a year course, six-month course, genkilink program, and nextgen program. Every program has a different requirement and different time to start. A lot of accommodation options are prepared here for Genki’s student. You can choose a homestay, private residence, shared residence, supervised residence, private apartment, 2-person apartment, and long term apartment.

Kudan Japanese Course

Kudan Japanese course is an interesting language school that consists of a lot of foreign students. It is located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. This language school offers some suitable programs for everyone. You will learn about Japanese language and culture in the Kudan course.

If you join this course, you can choose the regular course or special course. In the regular course, there are conversation courses, intensive courses, kanji lessons, and hiragana katakana courses. In the special course there ae winter holiday course, summer holiday course, spring holiday course, manga course, and many more. You can choose between 3 months, 6 months until 2 years to join in Kudan course.

Kudan Japanese course[2]does not offer language programs only. You can also learn about Japanese culture here. That’s why any manga course, cooking course, tea ceremony course, and job hunting course in this school. It will help you to learn everything about amazing Japan.

Tokyo Galaxy Course

Tokyo Galaxy course is a language school located in Chuo-ku, Tokyo. This language course has schools all over Japan. The student at this school has come from any country. You can learn about the Japanese language easily if you join this course in 3 months or 6 – 24 months.

Tokyo Galaxy Japanese course supports your study in Japan culture and amazing classroom too. It will give you an amazing experience because it is a very perfect combination of study pace and free time. This means that you will enjoy your life in Japan, while still progress your studies.

In Tokyo Galaxy[3], you will learn to read, write, speak, and listen in Japanese. There is no problem if you are a beginner or already at an advanced level. If you are a beginner, you will focus on learning the Japanese language through listening and conversation. But if you are at the advanced level, you will learn about work covers the foundation studies needed for university or graduate school. This is very satisfying for everyone if they join this course.

Sendagaya Japanese Course

Sendagaya Japanese course is a popular language school in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Sendagaya is one of the amazing institutes in Japan to improve language skills. This school is very friendly to everyone. If you join this course, you will learn a language with a long tradition and history in Japan. It is very suitable for anyone who wants to know about Japan.

Sendagaya’s top institute[4] has some programs to increase your language skill. There are everyday courses, group lessons, business Japanese courses, private lessons or semi-private lessons, and on-location instruction. You can choose one of them that very suitable for your condition.

In the everyday course, group lesson, a private lesson, or semi-private lesson, and on-location instruction, there is a beginner to advanced levels. It consists of general listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills program. In the business Japanese course there is the Japanese Language Proficiency Test JLPT N2 (old Level 2) Level or above that very popular for business and job-hunting programs. Everyone who had joined this course was very glad because this course has a modern method.

Coursera Japanese Online Course

Coursera is one of the Japanese online short courses. This course is very suitable for everyone who has no long time and very busy with their job. You can join this online class if you want to get an efficient course from everywhere do you want.

Coursera offers courses[5] from world-class universities and companies. There are 190 and many more leading universities and companies that collaborate with Coursera. It is a very amazing cause you can join this course for free. In the Coursera Japan course[6], you can choose any program for beginners that suitable for you who want to know about Japanese more. This is very interesting for everyone who wants to get a certificate Japanese learning.

Udemy Japanese Online Course

Udemy is a Japanese online short course. This course is very flexible for everyone. If you want to have a flexible course in every time and everywhere you can join this course. A lot of people from many countries have very loved this course because they can get their language need in an efficient way.

Udemy Japanese course[7] offers an online course for free. You can choose the free program or paid program here. This course contains a lot of the best instructors from around the world. In this Udemy course[8], you can get unlimited access during your life. This is the best experience for everyone who wants to get a different way of Japanese learning.

For understanding Japanese, you can choose to join in the offline course or online course. Both of them are very worthwhile for anyone. Don’t be doubt, and just choose anything you loved.