Location: Geneva (Switzerland)

Institution & Organizer: Geneva Business School (GBS)

What Will You Learn?

The program covers three main modules, which are all hot topics in business right now. Covering themes ranging from cyberlaw to data mining and even sustainable development. Below gives the complete course content.

Benefits For You?

You will be able to learn in 10 days what some learn over months, the concentrated nature of the program means it can easily fit into your summer schedule. The courses will be led by market professionals who impart up-to-date and practical information based on their wealth of experience in the field.

Facts and Figures

  • The program will take place July 9th – 20th 2018 at the GBS Geneva Campus
  • Current students can gain 3 ECTS from doing this program
  • The price of the program is CHF 1800


Program Content and Classes

Module 1:
Business Diplomacy in a Digital World

  • Lean Management with focus on International Organization and NGOs
  • Cyber-law, Policy and Security
  • Geopolitics in the Digital Era

Module 2:
Green Finance, Fintech and Data Mining

  • New Investment Methods with focus on Green and Ethical Finance
  • Business Intelligence and Data mining
  • Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and Fintech

Module 3:
Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship and Private Sector Tools

  • Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship with focus on Social Impact
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Digital Marketing

The subject of each course has been carefully selected by the experts in these fields, who will also be leading the classes. These courses will prepare students for jobs in these areas, which becoming more and more necessary as we move into the digital world.



This 10 day program will cover a different business-related topic each morning with the afternoons reserved for visits to relevant International Institutions.


Accommodation is not included in this program. You can source your own accommodation, or through GBS' assistance.

When applying for accommodation at GBS, you will have the possibility to share a room with other GBS student(s) in a flat, or even a studio if we are informed sufficiently in advance. The kitchen, bathroom, and toilet will be shared by all of the occupants (2 to 6 students).

For GBS accommodation, only after being admitted, you must send a request to the accommodation division.

It is also common for students to opt for Host Family accommodation. This is a network of families in Geneva who house one or more students and provide food. This is a fantastic option for newcomers as they provide reassurance to the parents that they will be well looked after, and the additional guarantee of rapidly learning French!

Beds, pillow, a blanket and mattresses are provided by the school. In winter, it can get quite cold in Geneva, i.e. minus 5 degrees and every apartment benefits from wireless internet access free of charge, as well a phone line.

Some basic utensils are provided in the kitchen, as well as a cooker and a refrigerator. Please bring any special utensils, if required.


Available departures

Unfortunately, no places are available on this program at the moment