Study English with ACG Pathways and start building your bridge to success

One of New Zealand’s leading language schools, ACG English School offers flexible and innovative Intensive English courses that give students the academic language skills they need for further study.

ACG English School’s caring and highly-qualified teachers provide individual attention and support to help students set learning goals, evaluate achievement, and maximise success. In addition to 24 hours of lessons each week, individual and small group tutorials and coaching sessions are available to enhance learning.

Successful graduates have guaranteed entry to the University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies, the AUT Certificate in Foundation Studies, the Victoria University of Wellington Foundation Studies Programme, all ACG high schools and tertiary programmes in cookery, hospitality, digital design, IT, management, travel and tourism.

ACG English School is conveniently located in central Auckland.

Qualified Teachers

All ACG English School teachers are fully qualified and registered with the New Zealand Teachers’ Council. They are experienced specialist teachers who provide a caring and supportive learning environment, using interactive lessons and lots of personal attention to help students achieve their learning goals.

More teaching, more learning

ACG English School’s tutor system ensures that students are given lots of individual attention and 24 hours of formal lessons each week.

The Core & IELTS Academic English Module

This module works on skills development with a strong focus on examination skills. Students spend 16 hours each week developing their English language usage, language structure, vocabulary, reading, listening and writing skills using a set topic.

This module includes:
– Receptive Skills: Listening and Reading
– Productive Skills: Writing and Speaking
– Core Language Skills: Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation

The Elective Module

Available for students who are in Academic Level 2 or higher, the Elective Module develops English within a variety of contexts. Students spend six hours each week practising their English skills by looking at  range of topics outside the standard 24 hour programme. It’s particularly useful for students planning to continue their academic studies after reaching the required English level.

ACG English School levels and IELTS equivalents


ACG English School
Academic Level
IELTS Equivalent
on successful completion
Level 1 IELTS 4.0
Level 2 IELTS 4.5
Level 3 IELTS 5.0
Level 4 IELTS 5.5
Level 5 IELST 6.0

These levels are subject to sufficient enrolments.

Entry Dates: Every Monday* (the school operates year round)
Course Length:
 1 to 48 weeks


We encourage students to make the most of their time in New Zealand and offer lots of activities beyond the classroom. School staff and tour operators organise sightseeing excursions for students, while our International Student Club offers everything from basketball, badminton and cooking classes to chess and performing arts. Our Student Learning Centre is open on Saturdays for self-study and socialising.

Available departures

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