Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. This course is designed for beginners who want to be able to read, write, and speak Spanish for personal, travel, or business use.

Once you have completed the course, you can get a shareable certificate from Coursera.

It takes around 5 months to complete if you study for 5 hours/week. However, the pace and the schedule is entirely up to you.

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What You Will Learn

1.     Vocabulary: Meeting People

Students can learn about simple vocabulary like ¡Hola! ¿Como Estas? and other conversational terms for basic learners. Learners can also understand the right terms for describing themselves, families, friends, and other simple introductory terms. The first level allows participants to do some exercises in simple reading, writing, and speaking.

2.     Vocabulary: Cultural Experience

The continuation from the first level allows students to express their feelings about what they feel and experience. In this case, students are required to visit several places like the marketplace where there are many Spanish communities. Besides, students can also watch videos about Spanish culture and the use of several sentences.

3.     Vocabulary: Sports, Travel, and the Home

Students learn new vocabulary about activities that are very common in Spanish-spoken countries like sports, travel, daily living, as well as some basic progressive tense and past tense for better comprehension of basic Spanish.

4.     Vocabulary: Careers and Social Events

Students get more advanced vocabulary about events as well as words that relate to careers and professions. Students also learn about future tense, in which students can speak about their desired career someday.

5.     Spanish Vocabulary Project

In this course you will be having an imaginary educational trip to a Spanish-speaking country of your choice. You will:

  • introduce yourself to your host family
  • research the rich culture and history of the place you intend to visit, and compare it with your own country
  • plan out an itinerary
  • do an oral presentation


About University of California, Davis

University of California, Davis is one of the world’s leading cross-disciplinary research and teaching institutions located in California, USA. It is ranked 5th among public universities in the U.S, according to The Wall Street Journal 2021.

The Instructors

Dr. Robert Blake is not only popular for his career as a professor of Spanish linguistics at UC Davis, but he also becomes the director of the Davis Language Center. His Ph.D. was obtained from the University of Texas. He is very popular for publishing books about the Spanish language, like applied linguistics, syntax, Old Spanish, Brave New Digital Classroom, and El español y la lingüística aplicada.

He created an online Spanish course for the first and second-year students at UCI. Due to his achievement, he was inaugurated as a member of both the North American Academic of the Spanish Language and also the Royal Spanish Academy.

Learner Outcome

23% of the graduates successfully obtained new careers after accomplishing the course.


Admission Requirements

There is no entry requirement. Anyone is welcome.

Available departures

Unfortunately, no places are available on this program at the moment

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