Location: Oxford University
Organizer: Oxford Royale Academy

A summer programme designed to help students improve their SAT score. Includes general advice on exam technique, as well as specific focus on Math, Reading and Writing.



  • Live, dine and study in colleges of the University of Oxford
  • Rigorous SAT practice with ORA’s faculty
  • Talks and debates with world-class guest speakers
  • A truly international environment – over 130 nationalities in 2017
  • Inspirational cultural programme, including excursions to historic UK locations

Course Summary
Strong SAT scores are vital for students who wish to apply to American universities. Our two-week summer SAT preparation course introduces students aged 16-18 to the core principles of Math and Evidence-based Reading and Writing that they will need to master in order to achieve a high score on this exam.

The programme is taught in small classes to ensure that students receive individual attention. At the start and the end of each session, students complete a full diagnostic test with questions typical of the actual SAT exams.


  • Private Medical Insurance Cover as standard
  • Course Fees Protection / Insurance as standard
  • 12-month access to all ORA online courses
  • City & Guilds certificate
  • Membership of ORA’s alumni network

Where could the SAT Preparation course lead you?
Why choose SAT Preparation for 16-18 years?

At Oxford Royale Academy, our SAT Preparation summer schools focus on practical ways of preparing you to sit the SAT exam, giving you a thorough understanding of what’s required in each section and what the examiners will be looking for.

With equal emphasis on all sections of the exam, we’ll teach you the techniques needed to gain the highest marks in each style of question. Not only will you leave us equipped with these new techniques, but you’ll have lots of opportunities to practise SAT questions under realistic conditions, which is sure to boost your confidence when you get to the real thing. We’ll also help you work on your grammar, vocabulary, mathematics, essay-writing, exam technique and much more, so there’s really no better way of preparing.

How will the SAT Preparation course help me?
We recognise that, within a class of 15 students, there will be considerable variety in terms of strengths, weaknesses and areas to improve. For that reason, we will retain a degree of flexibility for the SAT Preparation lessons.

All 15 students in a class will take all of their morning lessons together. These morning sessions will be ‘General SAT Prep’, and will cover an overview of Math, Reading and Writing and will include useful general tips, advice on exam technique, different styles of questions and more.

For the afternoon sessions, which take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week, students will be asked to select a specialism of either “Reading & Writing” or “Math” as the area on which they would like to work further.

This new structure will enable students to improve on all areas of the SAT, whilst also allowing them to target an area that needs further development. We are confident that this is the best way to boost SAT scores.

Is this course for me?
The SAT exams are highly competitive, and only with thorough preparation will candidates be successful in their applications. This means that you’ll need to do everything you can to prepare in order to succeed on this challenging course. In choosing to join Oxford Royale Academy’s SAT Preparation course, you’re taking a powerful step towards achieving your ambitions.

Topics covered

Key Features
The SAT Preparation course at Oxford Royale Academy includes the following key features:

  • Small class size
  • Over 40 instructional contact hours
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Practice tests and mini-timed sections
  • SAT vocabulary
  • SAT reading comprehension
  • SAT essay writing
  • SAT grammar
  • SAT math question types

Students will attend a morning session on General SAT Prep, before specialising on their choice of Math or Reading & Writing in the afternoon session.

This course requires no previous knowledge. The course will be found helpful by students who have taken the exam before as well as those for whom the exam is totally new.

What will you get out of the SAT Preparation course?
By the end of this course, students will have:

  • Explored the key competencies of the SAT exam, including reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar and math
  • Examined different types of questions, and how best to answer them
  • Performed diagnostic tests to assess their current performance
  • Prepared for the final exam by taking practice papers under realistic conditions
  • Discussed with their teachers what the examiners will be looking for, and how best to answer questions on the final exam



"ORA was my door to opportunities, lifelong friends and I learned more than a classroom could ever teach, and for that, I am forever grateful."

Being at a summer school isn’t all about the academic study. It’s also about the opportunity to travel to a new city, meet new people from all around the world, try out new experiences and above all, have an exciting holiday. At Oxford Royale Academy, we pride ourselves on providing our students with great experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Every one of our summer school courses includes a packed extra-curricular schedule of activities, workshops and parties, as well as academically and culturally enriching trips and lectures.

As part of our summer school experience, Oxford Royale Academy provide a number of exciting after lesson activities, excursions and evening events, that everyone can enjoy. Our summer programme locations also allow students to explore the beautiful and inspiring surroundings in their free time; including the renowned cities of Oxford, Cambridge, London and St Andrews.

Afternoon Activities and Evening Entertainment

A wide range of afternoon and evening activities occur all through the summer school. It’s impossible to say how many, as our ever-active counsellors and other pastoral staff sometimes arrange to lead activities spontaneously. Here are a few examples of the kind of activities you might have the opportunity to enjoy this summer.

Museum Visits
All of our summer school locations are in cities of academic and historical significance, and boast an impressive selection of museums within walking distance from most of our centres. Oxford has a variety of great museums, which students will have the opportunity to visit during their time with ORA. Possible museum trips include the Ashmolean, the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, the Pitt Rivers and the Story Museum. Students joining us in Cambridge will be able to enjoy trips to the Fitzwilliam Museum, Scott Polar Research Institute and Sedgewick Museum of Earth Sciences. London based summer school students will have the opportunity to visit such amazing London museums as the Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Saatchi Gallery and Tate Modern.

City and University Tours
One of the best ways to see a city is on a walking tour, led by one of our talented counsellors, with local knowledge and experience. Students joining our summer schools will have the opportunity to learn about the city they are living and studying in through an organised tour. Students joining us in Oxford will have the opportunity to take in the sights with an in-depth guide to the history of the city and the university, sprinkled with amusing anecdotes about Oxford life. Aside from the colleges that the majority of students will live and work in, students in Oxford and Cambridge will also have the chance to visit the other beautiful and historic colleges. For students considering applying to Oxford or Cambridge in the future, this is a good opportunity to see more of the university and consider which college they might like to apply to; for others, it is simply a chance to see some stunning architecture and soak up the history of some of the best universities in the world.

Sports & Games
There are constant opportunities for games and sport on an Oxford Royale Academy summer course. Fencing, zumba, archery, real tennis, ultimate frisbee, rounders, 5-a-side football, basketball, softball and salsa have all been enjoyed by our students at various times on our courses.

Beyond the organised activities, there are always opportunities to get an impromptu game of cricket, ping-pong or croquet going on during free time.

Campus Activities
In the evenings, our dedicated team of Counsellors organise plenty of fun and games to ensure our students are always entertained. Students will be able to end each action-packed day of their summer course with campus activities including quizzes, film nights, karaoke and a talent show!

Students will enjoy two parties during their course, one to mark the mid-way point and one to celebrate graduation. We spare no expense on our lavish parties, in locations such as Kingston Bagpuize House and the Oxford Union within Oxford. Or luxury resorts and hotels, such as the Park Hotel and Radisson Blu in London, or the Hilton located in Cambridge. Every party has a theme, with the decoration of the venue and the activities on offer tailored to match.

Past themes have included: Narnia, Circus, Around the World, Alice in Wonderland, James Bond and much more.



Balliol College (Oxford)
Ancient, prestigious and with a most impressive array of alumni

Founded in: 1263

Room type: Single

Bathroom type: Shared (single gender)

Student age group: 16-18

Admission Requirements

  • Must conform to our age policy.
  • Must be fluent or near-fluent English language speakers
  • Must be able to fulfil the basic requirements of the programme, in terms of attendance at lessons, meals and events.

Available departures

Unfortunately, no places are available on this program at the moment

United Kingdom

United KingdomThe United Kingdom, made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is an island nation in northwestern Europe. England – birthplace of Shakespeare and The Beatles – is home to the capital, London, a globally influential centre of finance and culture. England is also site of Neolithic Stonehenge, Bath’s Roman spa and centuries-old universities Read more